Enjoy The Fabulous Florida Waters

Florida remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. It attracts vacationers not only from across the U.S. – but also from across the globe.

If one takes a look at what the ‘Sunshine State’ has to offer it is not difficult to see why tourists flock to Florida.

Firstly there is the weather. You cannot ignore the influence of the weather when it comes to what makes Florida so attractive.

The sun shines almost every day – and this makes some of the other attractions of the state shine as well. Take for instance Florida beaches. Mile after mile of pristine sands and sparkling water make it almost obligatory to spend at least some time on the beach.

And the fun in Florida does not stop at the waters edge. Florida is a Mecca for those who enjoy water sports.

Visitors to the state have a huge amount of choice when it comes to enjoying a day offshore. For SCUBA diving enthusiasts the availability of a number of dive operators makes it easy to find an excursion that will suit all levels of skill, no matter what certification the visitor has there will be a dive that will suit them.

Even those who do not have a SCUBA certification can still enjoy the wonderful marine life off the Florida shores. There are a number of tour operators that specialize in snorkeling trips that enable the tourist to explore reefs and wrecks.

For those interested in saltwater fishing Florida offers enormous choice whether the preference is for targeting specific specific species or a more casual day out just enjoying the wonderful opportunity to smell the salt air and cast a line. Many if the tour operators will supply all that is needed to enjoy that day out. Rod, reel, bait, licenses and instruction – it makes the experience that much more relaxing.

Those interested in fishing can also combine the pastime with another extremely popular way of enjoying Florida’s offshore delights – Kayaking. kayak tours are incredibly popular and they can also be combined with fishing.

But it’s not only offshore that lures those in love with the water. Florida boasts a number of unique ecosystems that attract tourists with a love for nature. Among these are the quiet lagoons and inland waterways.

These offer Canoeing and Kayaking opportunities galore. there is also a thriving paddle board culture. Guided tours are a great way to experience these waterways. Those who choose a day out on one of these tours can expect to see manatee, dolphins, sea turtles and a huge variety of sea birds. there are numerous rental options for any of the equipment that would be required to explore these waterways.

In short, Florida provides everything that any holidaymaker who loves water could possibly want. The sheer choice means that any visit to this state is filled with possibility. It is without doubt one of the reasons that people keep returning to enjoy great weather, great fun and the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.